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- Check website SEO -
User-friendly Website SEO control. Find the errors in technical SEO for the entire site and check website reliability.

- Check dead links and references -
Check the HTTP status codes: view each of the Uniform Resource Locators. In addition, you can find the 404 errors while testing the website and see where your visitors are going after a referral.

- Checking the meta tags for URLs -
All important meta tags of all URLs must be checked at the website check. It is also important to look at the following elements: h1, meta titles, canonical links, robot tags, length of the content (for the TOP landing pages).

- Pay attention to external and internal links and anchors -
View every external and internal link for every URL in the SEO test. Do the same with the anchors. You must check all internal links for http status codes and the relevance for the specific page. Anchors of internal links must also be checked for this page.

- Test the speed of the webpage -
The loading speed is important. You have to find the problems that make the website or webshop slower. Check every URL. You can use the manual to find files, codes or images that need to be optimized to increase the speed of the page.

- Check the internal Page Rank -
At this point you must analyze the weight per page. Remove all irrelevant URLs and optimize the structure of the internal links for real optimization.

- Look at the URLs -
You can find URLs based on technical errors or text. You can have a small or large website looking at the weight. We offer a handy tool to search by URL and to find the problems to improve your website after the website check.

- Visualize the structure of your website -
You can make an overview of the website with the help of our visualization tool after the analysis. The structure of the website tree depends on the structure of the internal links on the website. By using this tool, you can easily see where you need to make changes to improve the ranking of the entire website.

- Send crawl reports to your suppliers -
Share the crawl reports with clients, contractors and subordinates to resolve the technical errors. You can do this by providing access to the crawl report via a link to the storage location. You can also send it by mail. Crawl the domain again when the work is done.